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Young Hollywood singer-actress Jessica Simpson looks like one of those blonde chicks you see on those Barely Legal videos, so it’s no surprise that studs like Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo wanted (and succeeded) in fucking the life out of her. Check out these hot Jessica Simpson hardcore pics. See Jessica getting really nasty in bed as she gets her tits fondled and sucked while her aching pussy and ass drilled and stuffed with noting but huge and hungry cocks sliding in and out of them!

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Just goes to show how cock-hungry this Hollywood celebrity is: any chance for a screw-session, she’s gonna get it. I wonder how many cast and crew she’s fucked during the filming of her movies and music videos. I even heard that she and fellow singer John Mayer hooked up. Oh, well. With a slut as filthy as Jessica Simpson, I’m not surprised to hear that. So come over here and check out more nasty pics of Jessica and other Hollywood hotties getting filthy.

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Tiger Woods Reportedly Slept With Jessica Simpson

Wow!  The Tiger Woods Scandal is just getting bigger.  The latest person the golf superstar reportedly slept with, according to Star Magazine, is none other than Jessica Simpson!  The Star reported that the pro golfer and the the blonde bombshell had an extramarital affair sometime back in July of last year, when the two exchanged phone numbers at the AT&T National Pro-Am golf tournament.  Tiger was paired with her then-boyfriend Tony Romo, and when she and Tony split up a month later, Tiger and her started an intimate texting relationship.

Of course Jessica Simpson denies the whole thing. When she went on Twitter, she put down “Can’t believe that I’m on the cover of star [sic] magazine with Tiger Woods, what a JOKE!” she tweeted. “‘The Shocking Inside Story’ is (insert drumroll) A LIE!”  But that isn’t the way sources tell it.  An informant said that “Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it.”  But really, ‘intimate texting relationship’?  Where’s the sex and fucking in all of that?  Not that I believe Jessica, we all know she’s a slut.

Go get ‘em, tiger!  We all know about Tiger Wood’s indiscretions now, and I think Jessica Simpson would make a nice notch on his golf bag.  Jessica Simpson is planning on pursuing charges against Star Magazine, so we’ll see if this lusty blonde really did it or not.


Jessica Simpson Porn Pictures

No matter if this sexy Hollywood actress and singer don’t know the difference between chicken and tuna, all that matters to us is her pretty face and that uber sexy body of hers… period! Jessica Simpson started out as a pop singer before she conquered Hollywood and became a full-fledged actress. Jessica is indeed one beautiful babe and it was only during her marriage to 98 Degrees member Nick Lachey that we saw the other side of Jessica as one “dumb blonde” country girl who can sometimes be naïve and innocent sometimes when they were still together as a happy couple on MTV’s Newlyweds. But then again, all that matters is that she’s pretty and very much sexy! And as our token of utmost adoration for this irresistible babe, we have gathered the hottest porn pictures from all around the Internet cyberspace giving you nothing but sleazy, hardcore goodness only at Jessica Simpson Porn Pictures.

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Jessica Simpson Hospitalized For Excessive Drinking?

At the end of last month, Jessica Simpson was rushed to the hospital, which her reps claimed was because of a kidney infection. But the Star recently reported that the reality TV celebrity was actually there because of problems resulting from months of hard drinking with her boyfriend Tony Romo. A source told the paper that Jessica was treated for a kidney infection, a bladder infection and a urinary tract infection because of the “obscene amount of alcohol” she was consuming.

Jessica also reportedly asked the doctors for a pregnancy test because she was three weeks late with her period and she was a nervous wreck, thinking that she had gotten pregnant from all that drunken sex. The source then expounded on how Jessica used to keep her drinks to a minimum, because she was always watching her calories. “But Tony and his buddies really party hard, and I think they expect Jessica to keep up with them. But she is like a third of their weight and just can’t hold as much as they can.”

Jessica and Tony hooked up in November of last year, so that’s a good half year of bingeing, if you believe this story. Well, I’m not surprised Tony and Jessica need a keg or two to relax after a hard day avoiding drive-by shootings from angry Cowboys fans.


Get Your Jessica Simpson Love Doll Right Now!

Now this has got to be the ultimate stocking stuffer for male fans of Jessica Simpson to stuff their sausage in! Pipedream Productions have recently released blow-up dolls that closely resemble certain celebrities in their most popular screen roles. So you have a Lindsay look-alike on the box hawking a Herbie-esque sexual experience, while Sarah Jessica Porkher declares that she “loves sex in her shitty”. So send for your plastic “Crazy Daisy Love Doll” now, and enjoy her “3 Cylinders of Love”. That means she’ll satisfy you orally, vaginally, or anally! What are you waiting for?


An Awkward Photo Shoot For Tony Romo

Tony Romo, Dallas Cowboys quarterback and Jessica Simpson’s current boyfriend, found himself meeting not one, but two of Jessica’s exes in an unavoidable situation recently. Romo, Dane Cook, and John Mayer were recognized at the event for Cosmopolitan’s Fun Fearless Male of the Year Awards.

Dane Cook was Jessica’s steady date after doing “Employee of the Month” together while John Mayer was Jessica’s main man for nine months, and her highest profile relationship since Nick Lachey.

“I guess you date Jessica Simpson, that makes you fearless,” the quarterback told E! News. If John Mayer’s fearless, it must be because he’s so used to being punked out by the schoolyard metalhead bullies, and then getting his ass kicked by the gangsta rappers on the way home.


Simpson “Hurting Millions of Fat People in America”

In 2005, Jessica Simpson worked on a fitness tape produced by Speedfit, an exercise video company, who acquired her services with a multi-million dollar contract. She later changed her mind about the whole thing and prevented the video from being released by not giving her final approval for the product. Well, what else could happen after that but legal action?

Speedfit owner Alex Astilean sued Jessica last year for $10 million, and just recently, he’s included her dad and manager Joe Simpson in that suit as well. According to Astilean, the Simpsons “are hurting millions of fat people in America.” A statement from Simpson’s rep merely said, “It’s a legal matter that’s in the hands of attorneys.” Well, what do you millions of fat people think?


Jessica Simpson Donates Van To Orphanage

An orphanage in Mexico was the recipient of Jessica Simpson’s generosity when the celebrity donated a minivan she won at the MTV Music Awards last year to the organization. The singer won a Chrysler Crossfire sports car at the event, but she asked Chrysler if she could exchange it for a minivan so that the Casa Holgar Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo could use it.

Simpson had visited the orphanage as a child as part of her youth group mission, and it looks like the place is still near and dear to her heart, because aside from the minivan donation, Jessica has plans to auction off the sexy red dress she wore for her new Pizza Hut commercial to raise funds for the place. The commercial will air during the Superbowl, and the dress will be auctioned off on eBay.

When Mama Lupita (who runs the orphanage) was told that she was getting a brand new seven-passenger minivan from Jessica Simpson, she reportedly cried for three minutes straight and said “I can’t wait to give Jessica a big hug!’”